Monday, July 2, 2007


My friend Shauna, who lives in New Zealand: turned me on to Found Art and I became really inspired to create something- That was about a month ago! I've finally created something for this week's topic: Present. When I read that topic on Rosa's website: I thought, present as in time? present as in gift? Then I thought of something that fits both those definitions. Being present in the moment is something I am trying hard to achieve but find it difficult sometimes. I try to meditate and need to set the alarm on my phone because I constantly have the urge to look at the clock! ("I wonder how long I've been meditating" "I wonder if it's been 10 minutes yet?!"). I decided to take a clock that I bought at a thrift store and cover it so I couldn't read the time! I cut out some pretty photos from magazines and decopauged them on. I also decided to make a gift bag out of newspaper (stole that idea from my friend Stacy). I used the travel section of the Sunday paper because one of my favorite passtimes is to daydream about the many places I'd like to visit....while I'm not living in the present by imagining where else I could be- I am usually enjoying a cup of coffee and spending time with my family while reading the paper.... one of these days we'll visit shauna in NZ!